Quartz Sand Mine, Kadus: 50 Teluk Buton Youth Will Work

A barren area in Buton Bay that will become a quartz sand mining location is not a tourism location (Facebook photo)

NATUNA, KABARTERKINI.co.id – The Head of Hamlet I Teluk Buton Bujang Abas really hopes that the quartz sand mining company will start operating in his village soon. Because the company promised, 50 residents of Teluk Buton of productive age would be recruited as workers.

“Our population is not large. If 50 young men or women are recruited as workers, I personally really appreciate it. Automatically no residents of Teluk Buton will be unemployed in the future,” said Bujang Abas to KABARTERKINI.co.id via cellphone, Friday, May 20, 2022.

Once again, he asked the central government to issue a quartz sand mining permit in Buton Bay as soon as possible. In order to immediately boost the economy of the community under the auspices of the North Bunguran District.

“Moreover, the quartz sand mining area is a barren location or infertile. So it cannot be managed as agricultural land,” explained Abas, adding that the mine location was far from the tourism areas of Tanjung Datuk and Pulau Panjang.

The quartz sand mining company promised, repeated the middle-aged man, that it would recruit young men or women from Teluk Buton as security workers or security guards, drivers and mechanics.

“I said earlier, the population of Buton Bay is not crowded. If 50 people are recruited as workers, it is clear that there will be no unemployment in the village,” said Abas.

While information is received, the total population of Buton Bay is around 400 people, some of whom work as fishermen. If recruited as mining workers, it is clear that there will be excess job opportunities available. (*andi surya)


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