Batu Sindu, One of the Most Beautiful Tourist Destinations in Natuna

BATU Sindu, Tanjung Senubing, Natuna

NATUNA, – Natuna, the only island district in the Riau Islands Province which has direct borders with a number of foreign countries, such as Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, China, Vietnam , Brunei Darussalam and others.

Apart from its strategic location, this border island district in the middle of an ASEAN country has natural beauty that is no less amazing than national and foreign tourist cities.

One of the natural and unique beauties is Batu Sindu, Tanjung Senubing. The location of this beautiful tourist spot is not too far from Ranai City, the capital of Natuna Regency.

The uniqueness of Batu Sindu is that it has a structure of large, towering rocks spread out to the edge of the beach. So visitors will be treated to the beauty of shady green trees, calming sounds of nature and crashing tidal waves.

For photography lovers, Batu Sindu offers a variety of amazing views, especially when the sun returns to its peak. Visitors will see that the sky feels so close and emits enchanting afternoon light. (*iwan)

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