United States Ambassador to Indonesia Visits Natuna

VICE Regent of Natuna Rodhial Huda (left) while giving a memento with the American Ambassador to Indonesia Sung Yeng Kim

NATUNA,  KABARTERKINI.co.id  – The United States Ambassador to Indonesia Sung Yeng Kim and his entourage visited Ranai City, the capital of Natuna Regency. During this visit to the border islands district in the middle of Asean, he and his entourage visited the residence of the Deputy Regent of Natuna Rodhial Huda, Wednesday morning, March 30, 2022.

At Wak Yal’s house – Rodhial’s nickname, Sung Yeng Kim and his entourage ate together while discussing the cooperative relationship between Natuna and America. Cooperation for the sake of developing this border district in the future.

In the afternoon, with Wak Yal, Sung Yeng Kim and his entourage traveled at Alif Stone Park. At a tourist spot with beautiful beaches and large rocks, he also held a press conference.

“Frankly, it was my first time visiting Natuna. I hope this is not the last visit. Considering the natural beauty of the sea and its beaches, it is no less interesting than other famous tourist attractions,” said Sung Yeng Kim.

With this geographical area located on the border of a number of countries, Sung Yeng Kim sees a lot of potential that can be developed, such as in the fields of health, education, tourism and the economy.

“Earlier while talking with the Deputy Regent, I saw that he and the Regent (Wan Siswandi) were very excited to advance Natuna. So we are very enthusiastic to work together,” he concluded. (*andi surya)



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