CMSE 2021, Increase the Number of Capital Market Investors

FOREWORD Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment of the Republic of Indonesia Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan

JAKARTA, – In an effort to increase the number of investors, in line with the government’s policy to restore the national economy due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO), consisting of the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), PT Kliring Penjaminan Efek Indonesia (KPEI) and PT Kustodian Sentral Efek Indonesia (KSEI) intensively provide capital market literacy and education.

Then, together with the Financial Services Authority (OJK), SRO held a virtual Capital Market Summit & Expo (CMSE) 2021 on 14–16 October 2021. The virtual CMSE 2021 was held as a series of 44th Anniversary of the Reactivation of the Indonesian Capital Market with the theme, ‘Market Synergy Capital for National Economic Recovery.’

IDX President Director Inarno Djajadi conveyed that the purpose of holding CMSE 2021 was as a meeting place for Indonesian capital market stakeholders and the public to share the latest and most up-to-date information.

“For three days, webinars and talk shows will be held with interesting topics from competent sources. We hope that CMSE 2021 can support the achievement of the target of increasing the number of investors, new listed companies, and increasing fundraising in the capital market.” said Inarno in his virtual speech at the opening of the CMSE 2021 event, Thursday, October 14, 2021.

To repeat the success of CMSE 2020, he continued, this year all activities are back using a web-based application: Participants who have registered in CMSE 2020 do not need to re-register, just log in. Meanwhile, new participants who want to take part in CMSE 2021, can register directly.

“At CMSE 2021, 3 webinar sessions will be held every day. There are a total of 9 webinar sessions over 3 days. On the second day of CMSE 2021, we will present an international webinar with speakers from global exchanges.” Inarno said.

In addition to participating in webinars, according to him, participants can access 100 virtual booths by presenting 1,000 exposures. It is hoped that participants can get the latest information directly from securities companies, listed companies, investment managers, associations and capital market regulators which of course can help determine investment directions.

“CMSE 2021, a Go Public Workshop event will also be held, namely the socialization of the capital market to prospective listed companies supported by the Directorate General of Taxes (DGT) of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia with the aim of increasing the number of companies listed on the IDX,” said Inarno.

Encourage National Economic Recovery

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic for almost two years, Inarno said it presented challenges for the capital market and the Indonesian economy. Massive adjustments were made to ensure market sustainability, one of which was the use of digital technology in operational activities.

Including the implementation of education, literacy and capital market socialization activities, such as the implementation of the 2021 CMSE. Capital market authorities responded to this challenge very well and were able to make additional achievements in terms of the number of investors, listed companies, and trading activities.

“The number of new stock investors or single investor identification (SID) has continued to increase in the last 8 months in 2021 and has reached a new record, namely 1 million stock investors. 2021 will be a year full of hope for the national economic recovery and this is reflected in the high trading activity on the IDX in the last 3 months.” he said.

Based on KSEI data as of September 30, 2021, said Inarno, the number of Indonesian capital market investors has reached more than 6,287,350 SID, including 2.9 million SID shares. On the other hand, as of September 30, 2021, there are currently 750 companies listed on the IDX with 38 new additions.

The stock exchange transaction activity was recorded high and this is a new record since the privatization of the stock exchange in 1992, with an average daily transaction value of more than Rp13 trillion, or a 2-fold increase in the last 5 years.

“The frequency of transactions has increased to an average of 1.2 million transactions per day and is the highest in ASEAN in the last 3 years. This was also followed by a surge in trading volume which reached more than 19 billion shares per day,” continued Inarno.

CMSE 2021 Agenda

On the first day of the 2021 CMSE event, a main seminar was held with the theme of Policy Synergy and Strategy for Accelerating National Economic Recovery. However, before the main seminar is held, it begins with an activity report from IDX President Director Inarno Djajadi, followed by remarks from the Chairman of the OJK Board of Commissioners, Wimboh Santoso.

Starting the main seminar, the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment of the Republic of Indonesia Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan delivered a keynote speech. The main seminar was then followed by presentations from a number of high-ranking state officials, namely the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) of the Republic of Indonesia Erick Thohir, Deputy Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia Dante Saksono Harbuwono, and Secretary General of the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia Dody Widodo.

IDX Development Director Hasan Fawzi said that his party will continue to strive to motivate Indonesia’s young generation to continue investing in the capital market. One of the efforts is by presenting young speakers who are successful and have a passion in educating investors in the capital market.

Therefore, in addition to the main seminar in CMSE 2021, there are also other webinars. Presenting speakers from various backgrounds, such as inspirational figures from listed companies, financial planners, professionals, practitioners, and public figures who are closely related to the capital market industry.

Participants can also take part in the CMSE 2021 exhibition and directly open stock and mutual fund accounts virtually. As entertainment, CMSE 2021 presents various quizzes and games for participants with attractive main prizes.

“We hope that the presentation and discussion in this webinar session can inspire participants, especially for the young age group, millennial generation or generation Z, to be smarter, more enthusiastic and take an active role in developing the capital market, and of course be more confident in investing in Indonesian capital market,” said Hasan.

Through the implementation of CMSE 2021, it is hoped that it can encourage an increase in the number and activities of each actor and stakeholder, so that the Indonesian capital market can be the host in its own country and increasingly create alignments in improving the welfare of the Indonesian people as an effort to accelerate the national economic recovery. (*andi surya)


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