Maguk Island, Hidden Tourist Destination in Natuna

DUSK on Maguk Island, Natuna

NATUNA, – Natuna is known for its thousands of beautiful islands. Which has many hidden paradises waiting to be explored. One of these natural paradises is Maguk Island, located in Kelarik Hulu Village, North Bunguran District.

The island’s natural beauty is no less interesting than other tourist attractions in Natuna. From white sand, to amazing underwater life. Visitors or tourists can enjoy various activities.

“To reach Maguk Island, we can use a small boat or pompong from Pantura Mabai Harbor, Kelarik Village,” said Kelarik Hulu Village resident Syafrizal to, yesterday.

The journey, continued Syafrizal, only takes about 30 minutes from the port. However, the trip still depends on the weather and sea water conditions. Upon arrival on Maguk Island, tired tourists will disappear.

Because of the view of the sandy beach, clear blue sea, calm and peaceful atmosphere. This island is the perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and relieve fatigue from routine work.

“When evening comes, we can see the beauty of the sunset. Moreover, the beach looks like a crescent moon, which is a perfect location for swimming,” said Syafrizal in conclusion. (*iwan)

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